This is just my notes taken during the Sahin Boydas’s talk about how LLMs changing the way of software engineers getting shit done!

(And all of these are highlights, so it would be a little bit complex to understand at first!)

Let’s get started…

If you wanna be successful in Silicon Valley, he’s always reminding that you gotta be Developer. Look out to the successful people, they’re all started as a developer.

And the most important time for developer is RIGHT NOW!

Why: It’s revolutionary time to see what AI capable of to automatize.

There was a quote back in the time;

Software is eating the World!


AI is eating the Software!

Beside the FAANG companies (now called as MANGA) there’s outstanding development of Artificial Intelligence.

Apple Siri, Google Bard are like toys next to the ChatGPT.

And all these MANGA companies had to get developers who are the best at AI Development and Research.

And his hot-take on 2024 is:

#s of Solopreneurs are gonna increase thanks to the AI Agents, and they’re gonna make huge money!

A very new style of developer is emerging right now

Databases -> becomes -> Vector Databases Software Engineering -> becomes -> LLMs

and his advice is definitely learning LLMs - AI - Generative AI

-> become a nerd on AI topics

Follow international resources such as;

  • Ben’s Bites
  • Two minutes paper
  • and other stuff

Some platforms he’s recommending over the years:

You can become from Zero to Million $ Developer with following the trends happening worldwide.

The most interesting period on life!!

Find out that where’s the most needed layer on AI topics?

Find out that where’s the sweet point that you can be successful?

He’s thinking about building an AI Research Lab

and they did a project about automatizing call centers with AI!

also he did a macOS app by himself by Pair Programming with ChatGPT, and developed an app that:

  • takes youtube link,
  • turns it into voice,
  • than turns it into text
  • takes text as english and translates to turkish

in UNDER 2-3 hours!

He has!

He has private Whatsapp group for AI!

He has the becoming institute

and right now he’s building entrepreneur and getting investment courses…

from normal developer to turning into Silicon Valley developer is easier right now.

Improve yourself so good, and build real-world projects!

I think that’s it, the session was amazingly interesting and valuable for me, and to reach out Sahin, here’s his Linkedin account.

become a silicon valley level developer and stay gutsy!
Mert :)