Besides all other recommendations when you’re finding your new job.

Here’s my way of doing stuff

**By the way I had a talk at PyData Global today, and here’s my presentation

Three things to not forget:

  1. Don’t take some other peoples’ time if you’re not giving anything!
  2. You cannot make things rush when you’re looking for a job, best way is look out when you have a job!
  3. The new generation of CV is your social presence -> LinkedIn, GitHub, or Twitter!

Another thing is the best time to get things done is definitely when you’re in your comfort zone, when you have time!

Fixed mindset

like some people think about they can get a job easily after the school,

like some people think if there’s somebody in the company, it’ll get easier to land. (we’ll get there)

like some people are thinking that doing easy (boring) projects can get job for them.

And all leads to this scenario

but paradigms or concepts like:

  • purple cow
  • small bets
  • build ship share
  • authenticity is the real or next-gen way to getting a not-boring-job!
become a purple cow and stay gutsy!
Mert :)