Hello friends, just wanted to write about advent of code!

What is advent of code?

Advent of code is a calendar of programming puzzles, here’s the popular one: https://adventofcode.com/

Usually people solve advent-of-code with their prefer language to improve themselves on the hard programming skills.

but I’m more interested in the calendar created by Zilliz: https://zilliz.com/advent-of-code

It’s more like a calendar of LLM-ML open-source tools! (which is why I love it!) I already did the day 1 Milvus, and just gonna continue to build ship share (AI Makerspace motto) during the December!

If you’re doing the challenge and looking for a motivation, or more like an accountability buddy, just mention me, message me, reach out to me! I’m your motivation don’t worry! 😆

Let’s rock it together! 🙌